Architects, Engineers and Contractors: KEY Architects, Engineers & Contractors of New York Jumbos

Architects Key: 1. William F. Baker (Jin Mao Building) 2. Jerry Schiff (1221 and 1251 Ave. of the Americas, USX Tower) 3. Sawteen See (World Trade Center, USX Tower) 4. Louis Occhicone (One Liberty Plaza) 5. Frank Lupo (One First National Plaza, Standard Oil Bldg., 900 N. Michigan Ave.) 6. James McKenna (One Liberty Plaza, One Manhattan Plaza, Standard Oil Bldg., USX Tower) 7. Vincent Arcuri, Jr. (200 Park Ave., One Penn Plaza, Sears Tower) 8. Rich Bach (One Liberty Plaza, One Manhattan Plaza, Standard Oil Bldg., USX Tower) 9. Rick Mahoney (One Liberty Plaza) 10. Richard Tomasetti (Petronas Towers) 11. MIchael Flynn (John Hancock Tower) 12. Charles Thornton (Petronas Towers) 13. John Cavanagh (200 Park Ave., One Penn Plaza, Sears Tower) 14. David M. Childs (One Liberty Plaza, One Chase Manhattan Plaza, Sears Tower)


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The Museum also honored Jumbo designers--the architects, engineers, and contractors of the largest skyscrapers around the world. David M. Childs and Will iam F. Baker represented Skidmore Owings & Merrill, designer of such innovative buildings as One Liberty Plaza and One Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York, the Sears Tower and John Hancock Center in Chicago, and the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai. Morse Diesel President John Cavanagh attended on behalf of Diesel Construction's many high-rise projects, including 200 Park Avenue and Sears Tower. Charles Thornton and Richard Tomasetti, New York-based engineers of the world's tallest Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were also present for the photograph and reception.