Demolition / Construction

From the 1880s through the early 1930s, the buildings at 10 and 14 Wall Street and at the corner of Nassau and Pine Streets were sites of succssive demolitions and construction as taller and taller buildings replaced older and lower ones.

The Gillender Building , a slender 18-story tower on a site only 25 x 75 feet was completed in 1897. By 1903, the Hanover National Bank bulked 22-stories on the north end of the Nassau Street block.


In 1910, the Gillender Building became the tallest building ever demolished. On an expanded site, and at the price of about $800 a square foot -- then the world's most costly land purchase -- the Bankers Trust Building (14 Wall) rose to 40 stories.

In 1931, the Hanover National Bank (and,also, the Astor Building at 10 Wall Street), made way for a modern annex to the Bankers Trust tower.